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Vocabulary about family for yourself

If the subject A possesses a certain property, in judgments about And people have to approve this property, but not deny it. If the person, approving something, denies the same or approves something incompatible with the first, the logical contradiction is available. Formal and logical contradictions are contradictions of a confused, wrong reasoning. Such contradictions complicate knowledge of the world.

And so, primary the dialectic contradiction which is objectively arising in the course of knowledge acts, and it serves as a driving force of knowledge, and the way of fixing of a dialectic contradiction a type of a konjyuktion of two judgments and and not - and, that is in the form of a formal and logical contradiction is secondary.

Unfortunately today not all scientific achievements are placed in service of the person. However there is a wish to believe that there will come time when the true knowledge got with such work is used only for the benefit to the person.

Various methods of knowledge expanding possibilities of reason of the person are invented: modeling and mathematical methods, including methods of the theory of probability, physical and biological experiments and others.