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When unemployment is insignificant, it is hard for employers to involve new workers, and they try all possible means to hold the workers. In these conditions of a position of workers and labor unions at negotiations are rather strong. In such "rigid" labor market the real wage usually grows. But when unemployment rages, workers and labor unions appear in weakness position as firms easily find to themselves new workers. It is necessary to achieve increase in a salary with huge work, and workers can be compelled to agree even with decrease in the real wage.

Supporters of development of the inflationary processes caused by assumption shock claim that one-time growth of price level is the smallest of the evils occurring owing to violation of the offer. However opponents of this point of view consider that the begun inflation, having inflamed, can get out of hand, In this case FRS should navlivat lips control of development of inflationary processes sooner or later, plunging an ekonomicha I will hold down system in perhaps more rigid recession.

Our analysis begins with simple idea that situation in labor market has considerable impact on salary level. We proceeded from this situation and earlier when claimed that the nominal salary is corrected at any divergence between actual and possible in outputs. Here I intend to develop this basic idea, having brought in it specification: level of output influences also change of a real, and not just nominal salary.