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This process proceeds in interaction with formation of the market. In a transition period the market did not develop in complete and effective system therefore carrying out reforms demands not only participations of market institutes, but also organizing force of the state.

The third stage is there will be a stage of completion of post-socialist reforms when there is a modern structure of economy with prevalence of the knowledge-intensive productions and information services, there will be a spontaneous market system and institutes of social partnership will start being formed. This stage of a transition period will last, is visible until the end of the first decade of the XXI century.

Factors of production are work, the capital, the earth and business. In order that functioning of these factors gained market character, their free circulation in economy regulated by demand, the offer and market remuneration of each factor is necessary.

The Swedish type of the organization of life of society based on these principles provides the high level of economic efficiency both high vital and environmental standards. Economically this model is based on receiving peculiar the ''a technological rent'' received by the country in the internal and world markets for high quality and innovation of production. Certainly, Sweden is not an exception concerning formation of unique social and economic model, rather it can be classified as the Swedish option '' societies of general prosperity '' though ''advanced''.

The second line following from the first - alternative nature of development of a transitional economy. Of course, this alternativeness has certain borders, but means that results of development of a transitional economy can be variantna. It follows from the nature of a transitional economy in which elements of old and new states, and also from variety of the factors influencing development during this period are mixed.

Secondly, at absence of control of the market environment inevitably there are monopolized structures limiting freedom of the competition to all its positive functions creating unjustified privileges for a limited circle of subjects of the market.

The market mechanism has both advantages, and shortcomings. Positive functions of the market do it in principle by rather effective system. It does not mean, however, that the market relations are absolutely perfect and in everything provide progressive development of society. The market economy has congenital shortcomings (imperfections.

Thirdly, spontaneously operating mechanism of the market does not adjust economy on satisfaction of many public requirements, internally does not promote formation of the funds going on satisfaction of the needs of society which are not connected directly with business. First of all, this formation of social transfers (pension, grant, grant), support of health care, education, science, art, culture, sport and many other socially oriented spheres.

In economy of Sweden production monopolization is very high. It is strongest in such specialized industries as production of ball-bearings (SKF), automotive industry ("Volvo" and "SAAB-Skaniya"), ferrous metallurgy ("Svensk so"), electrical equipment ("Elektrolyuks", ABB, "Ericsson"), woodworking and pulp-and-paper ("Svensk cellulose", etc.), aircraft construction ("SAAB-Skaniya"), pharmaceutics ("Aster", "Farmasia"), production special staly ("Sandvik", "Avesta").