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The back department — a thickening, the roller of a calloused body, splenium corporis callosi, freely hangs over epifizy a brain (a shishkovidny body, corpus pineale), epiphysis cerebri, and over a plate of a roof, lamina tecti, a midbrain.

The forward department is bent forward, down and then back, forming a so-called knee of a calloused body, genu corporis callosi passing in the lower departments into Kiel, or a beak of a calloused body, rostrum corporis callosi. The last proceeds in a final plate, lamina terminalis which settles down ahead of and below forward soldering, commissura anterior.

The arch, fornix, represents strongly bent and extended form, almost all consisting of longitudinal fibers. In it distinguish a body of the arch, corpus fornicis, a leg of the arch, crura fornicis, and columns (columns) of the arch, columnae fornicis.

The calloused body, corpus callosum, white color, the extended form and a little flattened education extended in front back 7 — 9 cm long, presents the biggest soldering of a brain or soldering of new departments of hemispheres of a big brain, commissura as connects gray substance of big cerebral hemispheres of later origin in the phylogenetic relation — a new raincoat, to neopallium. The calloused body settles down in the depth of a longitudinal crack of a big brain. In a calloused body distinguish forward, average and back departments.

On the top surface of a calloused body the thin layer of gray substance settles down — gray vestments, indusium griseum which in some sites forms four small are longitudinal going thickenings in the form of strips, striae which are settling down on two from each party of a median furrow.