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The modern tourist market can be characterized as a large independent economic complex which consists of groups of branches and the enterprises which activity is directed on satisfaction of the various and constantly growing needs of people for different types of rest and travel in free time.

Having chosen the new formula of tourist business focused on achievement of commercial success by development of the relations with certain types of consumers and increase of the range and quality of services on providing with their special potrebitelny cost, the tourist firm successfully realizes the business idea.

In general planning of the range of services consists in planning of all kinds of activity directed on selection of services for future production and sale, development of specifications and characteristics of these services according to requirements of consumers.

Relevance of this subject is defined by prompt development of the market of tourist services which characteristic features are dynamic changes of tourist supply and demand today. In the conditions of the modern market of tourism the role and a place of marketing continuously increase.

In practice it is often possible to come up against that situation when marketing specialists develop the podetalny and superstructured plan of planning. On it too much time leaves, and the result often does not satisfy expectations of managers.

The optimum range usually contains the goods which are at different stages of life cycle of goods: strategic goods (an introduction phase), the most profitable (a phase growth, supporting (a maturity phase), tactical (for stimulation of sales of novelties), planned to removal from production (a phase recession and developed (a research and development stage).

Marketing in tourism is a control system and the organizations of activity of the tourist companies for development of new, more effective types of tourist and excursion services, their production and sale for the purpose of receiving profit on the basis of improvement of quality of a tourist product and the accounting of processes which proceed in the world tourist market.

Therefore quite often in tourism meets the life cycles of rounds consisting of the following alternation of stages: introduction – growth – falling – a maturity – recession; introduction – growth – a maturity – growth – a maturity – recession etc.

The tourist product as goods is characterized by the consumer cost, i.e. usefulness, or ability to satisfy certain needs of people. Usefulness of a product is defined by its value for the subject. Therefore the tour operator has to aspire to creating such tourist product which would be valuable to the most large number of people, i.e. whenever possible it has to have the mass consumer.