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From an idea to take notes

It is expedient to begin the analysis of the main path of the radio line with clarification of basic opportunity to receive the acceptable results in the set conditions. The matter is that the energy potential and speed of information transfer, value which, already define minimum possible probability of distortion of a symbol. If the probability of distortion of a symbol is too, it does not make sense to count the real radio line which will be certainly even worse.

For information transfer to consumers some communication channels can be used. On the satellite channel the speed of information transfer makes 50 Mbps. For these purposes the satellite communication system of the Ku-range (SATCOM), diameter of the antenna 22 meters is used. On the direct channel of range of UHF it is possible to transfer information with a speed of 137 Mbps.

The analysis of such systems is intended to define fluctuations of the moments of the temporary tags concerning situation corresponding to an ideal. In our case we will consider that the system of synchronization works ideally. As an indicator of accuracy it is possible to take a mean square mistake which for normal work has to be much less than duration of one symbol.