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Further there is "an internal or suburban half moon (inner or marginal crescent)". It is the belt coinciding with coastal of the Euroasian continent. According to Makkinder, "the internal half moon" represents a zone of the most development of a civilization. It corresponds to a historical hypothesis that the civilization arose initially on coast of the rivers or the seas, so-called "the potamichesky theory". It is necessary to that this theory is the essential moment of all designs. Crossing of water and overland spaces is a key factor of history of the people and. Further there is an external circle: "external or half moon (outer or insular crescent)." It is a zone entirely (geographically and culturally) rather continental mass of the world island.

The history, on Makkindera, geographically rotates round a continental axis. This history clearest is felt in space of "an internal half moon" whereas the "stiffened" archaism reigns in a hartlenda, and in "an external half moon" – a certain civilization chaos.