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Salted pork fat has to be white color with a normal smell, without pollution. Temperature of the salted pork fat intended for an should not exceed –1 °C, otherwise it will be deformed when crushing.

At the large enterprises introduce the conveyor lines of cutting, a boning and zhilovka of meat mechanizing all operations in raw shop. Along the first half of the conveyor tables for a meat boning, along — tables for a zhilovka are located.

In the course of a zhilovka delete sinews from meat of both grades, sheaves (articulate and occipital, fastion (rough superficial and deep, yellow bryushna, articulate bags, fat. Scraps from meat of the first grade carry to the second. Muscular tissue from scapular part and back juncture at a zhilovka is divided into two-three pieces.

Pork is undressed so that to direct scapular part and back gammon on production of svinokopchenost. Pork fat entirely is used for production of sausages. is undressed on the suspended ways or on the conveyor.

Boning. The meat boning is made generally by a method. At small enterprises apply also a potushny boning, i.e. one worker processes all hulk. The boning has to be careful: it is allowed to leave only an insignificant redness on a surface of bones of a difficult profile (a vertebra.

In order that introduction of the offered scheme of a zhilovka and sorting did not entail a basic change of the existing compoundings of sausages, it is expedient to use beef of the first grade instead of the highest by production of sausages of the premium, the second grade — instead of the first by production of sausages of the first grade. Instead of beef of the second grade to enter a meat trimming into sausages of the second grade, instead of fat pork in compoundings of sausages to use semiboldface, and pakhovy fat — by production of sausages of the second grade instead of lateral salted pork fat and chest part.

1 — podgrivny fat with muscular tissue; 2 — spinoreberny part; 3 — the top layer of muscular tissue with subcutaneous fat from sacral part; 4 — a back leg with lumbar part; 5 — fatty deposits of a peritoneum; 6 — scapular and cervical speak rapidly.

The boning is made on stationary or conveyor tables. To eliminate excessive transportation of meat, practice the coupled boning and a zhilovka: the boner at one table with one or two trimmers.

For the solution of the specified tasks it is necessary to carry out modernization of large meat-processing plants and city dairy plants, and also considerably to increase the technological level of the equipment which is let out for the overworking enterprises of low and average power.

On the basis of world experience it is supposed to bring branch to qualitatively new level providing restoration of volumes of the developed production, increase of its quality, essential increase in the range and depth of processing of raw materials.

Expansion of the range on the basis of rational use of raw materials — is today the main task of a production activity of any sausage shop. Along with sausages in shops develop pelmeni, cutlets, pies and sets for a jelly.

For a posol use food salt not lower than I grades without mechanical impurity and a foreign smell, granulated sugar of color without lumps and impurity, sodium nitrite with nitrite (in terms of solid) not less than 96%. Spices and spices have to have specific aroma and taste inherent in them and not to contain foreign impurity.

1,2 — coxofemoral part (back gammon); 3 — a back leg; 4 — a tail; 5 — Pashina; 6 — brisket; 7 — scapular part; 8, 9 — forward gammon; 10 — a forward leg; 11 — grudobryushny part; 12, 13 — part.

When cutting beef distinguish the combined and cutting. For sausage production beef divide into seven parts. However it is expedient to make cutting according to the combined scheme offered at which the most valuable parts (brisket, coxofemoral, lumbar and back junctures) send to realization or on development of semi-finished products and the packed-up meat. The whole flourishes and quarter timbers undress the same as. Beef is undressed usually on the suspended ways.