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Traditional restaurants with the menu, generally at . Also there are restaurants which specialize in kitchen of baiana (the African kitchen), restaurants with Portuguese (Os Esquilos, Cabaca Grande) and French cuisine (Le Champs Elysees, Ouro Verde). These are the most expensive restaurants.

The largest craft city is Zhuan-. The northeast region is famous for magnificent lace of handwork, and also wattled bracelets from fabric which bring happiness. The South of Brazil is famous for woolen and knitted products. These crafts are interesting to such types of tourism as informative and thematic. It is a lot of interesting things and souvenirs made by handicraftsmen and masters of Brazil, it is possible to find at the fair Hippi near the city of  which is carried out every Sunday.

Also Brazil is famous for coffee. Coffee grains are roasted till dark color, well ground, and then strong and very sweet drink prepares. Across all Brazil for breakfast traditionally drink coffee with hot milk – cafè com leite. And to other time drink is served without milk in small cups and without any food. Such cafezinhos (small cups offer tourists in any cafe, restaurant, there are even small standing bars in which give only cafezinho.

The industry of placement in Brazil is well developed. In total Brazil totals more than 80 hotels. The greatest number of five-stars hotels, and also four-stars. Three-stars hotels less than 2 Most prestigious hotels settle down along beaches, in particular along Kopakabana, Ipanema and Lebnon.