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English g9 u4l2 how to think like a philosopher

The person is first of all living being. To reveal specifics of human life among other organisms, it is necessary to define that such life, in what its essence and a qualitative originality.

Thus, appeared from S. P. Botkin's doctrine that process of aging of an organism can be accelerated under adverse conditions and therefore people have an opportunity to prolong life, eliminating the external reasons which are harmful operating on a human body. So before doctors the prospect of active fight for longevity of people was open.

On this subject the set of works is written. Special sciences, not to mention the whole complex of biological disciplines are devoted to researches of manifestations of life. Scientists prefer to look for life bases in a microcosm. However there at the level atom and simple molecules the standard objects deprived dominate

Especially there is a lot of attention to longevity and old age the scientist, the scientist, the doctor, the philosopher Avicenna gave. He already understood that aging is a natural development an organism which conducts to physiological changes. In the well-known work "Canon of Medical Science" Avicenna wrote: "From the very beginning we represent extreme importance. Usykhaniye which occurs in our body, is need which it is impossible to avoid".

The facts received as a result of "travel in time" in depths of the geological past were more convincing. After all if organisms appeared once on Earth even if in "a type of the seeds" brought from other manned worlds, its history has to begin with the era deprived of life. Searches of such era proceed since the last century and is until now ineffectual.