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It is possible to represent the facts by means of schedules or charts in such a way that idea of them will be absolutely incorrect though in drawings can not be anything dishonest. Often incorrectly chosen scale of one of schedule axes (or a ratio of scales of axes) is the reason of false impressions about the dependences presented on schedules.

The semiotics analysis of histograms shows that their information opportunities it is less, than at schedules. For example, it is difficult to construct the histogram with a large number of columns. Such histograms, besides, lose the main advantage - presentation - and trudnovosprinimayema.

By criterion of efficiency charts with indication on the image in comparison with the taken out have some advantage. Indication of charts (as, by the way, and scales of schedules and histograms) has to be the most readable.

Scale has to be so big that there was an opportunity freely to distinguish dependences, essential to this schedule, but not in such measure big "to stick out" insignificant quantitative or its qualitative characteristics.