Writing An Introduction To Study Efficiently

Generating ideas for study and focus 5 effective ways to write a case brief

At designation of the industrial enterprises, mines, places of mining, etc., the signatures specifying a sort of object or production (a production product) are located with an open way. Designations of the agricultural objects located separately are followed by the same explanatory reduced signatures. Existence of such objects in settlements of rural type is specified respectively by the reduced signatures placed under the name of the settlement.

Manufacturing enterprises and constructions on cards of scales 1:25000-1:100000 are shown everything, except for located in settlements. There only the most outstanding objects, the major reference points are shown (constructions of tower type, factory pipes, etc.).

Topographic map on which graphically by means of conventional signs and the reduced designations the tactical situation and its changes in a course of action is displayed, the worker the card of that commander who conducts it is called.